The Key To Proper Room Design

Where do you start when considering a new room design? What specific item is the key to unwrap how your room design will unfold? What is that essential element that will make or break your room design?

When performing any room design, it helps to step back from what is already present and look at the space with new perspective. By setting aside how the room or space is already designed, you will be more open to allow new ideas and creative thoughts to flow.

The best way to start from scratch is to use a floor planner or room layout program that allows you to recreate the bare essentials of a room or entire home. There is no better method to genuinely eliminate the current room layout from your minds eye.

It’s very helpful to work from an overhead view of a room where you can simply drag furniture and home decor items and set them in place as desired. You can easily and quickly see how well things fit or don’t fit. Overall, this works great for performing furniture placement and calculating furniture sizes, but it falls short of providing all the elements necessary to create a new room design.

To obtain the truest perspective of how to best design the room, you need to be able to view that room from the inside, with every design aspect of the original room removed. You could do this to an existing room, but that’s easier said than done, especially if the space is being utilized at the time. But even if you could empty the space, your room design options will be limited to small attempts to envision how the design will all fit together. You are limited to imagining how a wall will look with respect to a paint chip or wallpaper sample in your hand, and you are limited to imagining what the floor may look like with a particular carpet style and you are limited to… well, you are simply limited to what you can attempt to imagine, while trying to get your client or family member to envision what does not yet exist.

To truly perform any new room design, you need to go one step further and create the room as a 3D model where you can virtually step inside the room and view any of your ideas with ease. Using 3D home design software, you can change the upholstery style on the furniture time and time again as you move furniture pieces around, as you change wall colors, as you add home decor items, as you change lighting fixtures, and the list goes on. 3D Home design software lets you be as creative as possible because you can easily create a design style for the room and look at it thoroughly before spending a dime on material, labor or miscellaneous expenses.

If you think it may be too difficult to create the room in the first place, this might be correct if you were to use complicated architectural CAD software, but for most interior design needs, precision to the hundredth of an inch is not necessary. Most room and home planning software programs include a room wizard which enables you to quickly create most room layouts. You just need to provide the rooms length, width and height, and viola, in seconds, you have an accurate template of your room. Then, just drop in the doors and windows and your room is ready for you to perform your design wonders.

Do you think you can only do this if you are a professional interior decorator? That doesn’t really matter because once you get the empty room set up, you can experiment on any aspect of the room, over and over again until it looks great. There are times you may need professional advice, but when you just want to see how your own ideas will look, why go through the expense of hiring a professional to simply agree with you?

Alternatively, if you knew you were going to hire a pro to conclude your room design, it would be very helpful if you could provide your designer with printouts of your vision of the room in lieu of simply trying to explain everything. Providing 3D printouts is likely to speed up your room design project while also improving the chances you will be satisfied with the finished design. You should also experience lower project costs due to improved communications and less material waste.

Use This 10 Step Guide When You Start Your Next Room Design:

1 – Install an easy to use 3D home design software program:… Get it online and download the software to your computer in minutes…. You can spend even less money by using an online 3D software subscription.

2 – Measure your room, along with door and window measurements and locations.

3 – Take measurements of any permanent features or furniture that you intend to keep in the room.

4 – Use the room design wizard that comes with your 3d room planning software to create your room template.

5 – Use the 2D overhead view to place any major furniture items you know you will be keeping or will be adding.

6 – Enter your 3D room and enjoy the experience of applying multiple styles and themes to every aspect of your room until you are satisfied with the final look and feel.

7 – Print multiple views from multiple angles.

8 – With full-color rendered images of your proposed room in hand, share your concepts with family and friends or even with a decorating pro and take notes on any feedback that will enhance your room design.

9 – Return to your 3D room design program and make adjustments to your room layout, home decor items, picture selections, paint colors, etc and then behold your finished room design idea in vivid 3D.

10 – It’s time to make it real. Take your finished design and transform that idea into a beautiful room.


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